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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

ASAPS Advice on how to Stay Healthy and Beautiful in 2012

For some people, eating a proper diet and exercising only go so far. To have smooth and wrinkle free skin, many consider laser skin resurfacing. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Pinsky often performs this procedure to improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, discolored areas of skin, scars, and even tighten the skin of the eyelids, neck, and around the mouth.


ASAPS Advice on how to Stay Healthy and Beautiful in 2012

Cosmetic surgery can help you look as young as you feel, but how can you ensure that you are feeling as good as possible? Whether you are readying for a cosmetic procedure or simply maintaining your youthful looks, here are eight tips that can help you reach your goals:

  1. Schedule your annual checkup so your physician can assess your weight, cholesterol and other heath indicators. Any recommendations for further tests, weight management and risk factors for surgery should be taken seriously. For some who have genetic factors that resist weight reduction, a discussion on weight loss could be beneficial.
  2. A balanced diet low in saturated fats, sugars and oils and high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein is ideal for most people. Consulting a nutritionist can be helpful in finding what works best with your body. Vitamins and supplements can help facilitate healthy nutrition, but it is best to consult with your physician before surgery or taking prescription medication to avoid negative interactions.
  3. When it comes to exercise, doing something is better than nothing at all. Finding 30 minutes a day for physical activity can make a big difference to your metabolism, muscle strength, stress relief and weight-loss efforts. Walking or biking to work, taking the stairs or doing household chores are just some of the activities that can be worked into your daily schedule.
  4. Stress is both unavoidable and a major health concern for many of us. It can lead to physical symptoms such as acne breakouts, headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, sleep problems, high blood pressure and heart palpitations. A successful stress management plan involves balancing work and recreation, with plenty of exercise, a proper diet and sufficient down time.
  5. Along with dark circles and puffy eyes, sleep deprivation can also cause impaired judgment, slow reaction time and an increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. To get the recommended 7-8 hours, experts say to sleep at the same time every night and to avoid alcohol, caffeine and strenuous exercise right before bedtime.
  6. Alcohol consumption can lead to major organ damage, cancer and addiction. While some studies indicate light drinking has health benefits, those who are on certain medications, recovering from surgery or have a family history of alcohol abuse should avoid it all together.
  7. Smoking and second-hand smoke is a major health risk linked to multiple chronic diseases, but for those undergoing surgery, the bad habit poses different and more immediate dangers. It decreases the body’s ability to heal and increases the chances of complications. Quit before going under the knife and make the choice permanent.
  8. Lastly, stay out of the sun and tanning beds – UV rays cause premature aging in the form of freckling, fine wrinkles, and enlargement of blood vessels. As you age, it will progress to deep wrinkles, liver spots, skin thickening and loss of elasticity. While there are many skin resurfacing devices, wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen along with sunglasses and a hat can save a lot of grief and money later on.
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