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ASAPS News Brief: Botox Effects are Far Reaching, Study Finds

Botox® has always been one of the most popular anti-aging procedures in the country. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Pinsky performs this procedure to soften the wrinkles and deep folds on the face. Recently, researchers found out that Botox® does not only help patients look younger, it can also help treat neuromuscular disorders.

Botox® effects are far reaching, study finds

New research published in the January issue of Anesthesia & Analgesia finds that Botulinum neurotoxin Type A, otherwise known as Botox®, may have positive effects on muscles that are relatively distant from the point of injection.

Botox is commonly used to fight the aging process and enhance one’s appearance. However, the injectable fluid has other uses, including the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. The research, conducted by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, would likely be more beneficial for the latter use of Botox®.

Researchers injected mice with Botox® and studied the local and distant effects of the medicine. They found that while the primary muscles closest to the point of injection were paralyzed, as the injectable medicine is intended to do, muscles that were farther away were also affected, even after 16 days. In the future, the research may have implications in preparing patients for surgery by helping doctors monitor and manage their muscle relaxation.

In addition to muscle relaxation, Botox can be useful to reduce wrinkling and lines around the mouth, forehead, neck and eyebrows, according to InjectableSafety.org. Patients considering undergoing such a procedure should consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss their options.