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Breast Augmentations Do More Than Increase Size

Generally, breast augmentation surgery is used to create larger, more proportionate breasts and to enhance a woman’s figure and boost confidence. While this is satisfies many patients, it is not the only reason for a woman to consider this procedure. Surgeons have been using breast augmentation surgery to help women with breast-related concerns for some years.

It is not unusual for women to develop breasts of different sizes. In fact, most women report that one of their breasts is larger than the other. While this disparity is often minimal and noticeable only to the woman herself, some women experience extreme differences. A woman with breasts that vary by a cup size or more can feel self-conscious about this disparity. Clothing choices become limited, and many avoid bathing suites. Breast augmentation can give these women the balance they have been missing, and improve their self confidence.

Size disparity is not the only condition that a breast surgeon can address through surgery. A breast augmentation can also align breasts that may not “line up” correctly. This misalignment may be an entire breast or simply the nipples. Breast augmentation can help reshape the breast and allow the doctor to provide balance and symmetry.

Women who have survived breast cancer see some of the biggest improvements from a breast reconstruction procedure. Depending on the stage and size of the cancer, a small section of a woman’s breast or sometimes even the entire breast might have been removed. This can be one of the most devastating aspects of a woman’s battle against breast cancer as many feel it signifies the loss of their femininity. Thanks to breast reconstruction procedures, a woman can feel whole again – whether it is reconstructing an entire breast, or just augmenting one section of it.

Whether you are exploring breast augmentation surgery to enhance your figure or to correct a medical condition, we can help. To learn more about breast augmentation procedures and their many applications, schedule a consultation with one of our skilled surgeons. Together we can help you reclaim your body!