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The Truth about Liposuction!

For some people, hours spent in the gym exercising and a sensible diet still can’t take remove the troubling fat deposits in certain areas. It seems that no amount of abdominal crunches or miles ran will help you lose those last few pounds. Understandably, this can be very frustrating.

If this sounds like something you’ve dealt with, you could be an ideal candidate for a liposuction procedure from Pinsky Plastic Surgery.

For many people, the thought of liposuction conjures images of drastic weight changes or a easy shortcut to surgically lose weight. This is a common misconception. In fact, liposuction procedures are meant to help people of normal weight target those trouble areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.
Liposuction is not a weight loss tool; it is most valuable as a body sculpting and contouring tool!

Each person’s body is unique and as such, each person responds to diet and exercise differently. While we might try our best to target specific areas through different exercises, every person’s body reacts in a different manner. Liposuction can remove those stubborn fat cells, helping you to achieve your body goal.

There are different surgical approaches to liposuction. As with any plastic surgery procedure, it is important to learn more before making a decision to move forward with your tummy tuck operation. If you have a general understanding of the various techniques, you’ll be better prepared to ask the right questions during your consultation.

At Pinsky Plastic Surgery, we have decades of combined experience performing liposuction procedures. We are more than happy to talk with you regarding the benefits of liposuction and help you figure out if the procedure is right for you.