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Why You Can’t Achieve a Breast Lift With Exercise

It is virtually every woman’s dream to have firm, perky breasts; however, as you age, have children, and generally go through life, your breasts will inevitably begin to sag and stretch. While breast lift surgery has been seen for several years as the only true solution to this problem, there have been several articles  passed around the Internet recently claiming that there are certain exercises you can do to firm up your breasts without surgery. This has women everywhere asking: “Is this true? Can I lift my breasts through exercise?”

Unfortunately, the answer to that is no.

People passing on this information are making the mistake of thinking that breasts are like other parts of the body, which can be toned and tightened through exercise. The reason breasts don’t do this is that they contain no muscle tissue. They are simply fat covered with a layer of skin. There’s nothing there to exercise in the first place. There are pectoral muscles around and underneath the breasts, but sagging breasts have nothing to do with any of those muscles. When your breasts sag, it’s because the skin around them is losing its elastic quality and stretching instead of snapping back into place as it does for younger women. Working out your pectoral muscles may help your back and neck, but even with the most ripped pectoral muscles, your breast skin will still be as stretchy as it was before.

The only way to achieve a true breast lift is through plastic surgery, where all that excess skin is removed and the remainder is tightened, essentially shifting the breasts up to where you would like them to be. Since stretched skin cannot return to the elasticity it knew before, removing it is the only way to get your breasts lifted to the height you want.

While it’s tempting to think that you can regain perky breasts through a simple series of exercises, it is, sadly, just not the case. If you are unhappy with a “sagging” appearance to your breasts, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our experienced plastic surgeon, Mark Pinsky, MD, to find out whether breast lift surgery may be an ideal option for your goals. His advanced breast lift procedures can rejuvenate the breasts with youthful, natural-looking results.