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Non-Surgical Neck Contouring Options: KYBELLA™ and CoolMini™

We are excited to offer two new advancements in non-surgical neck contouring at Pinsky Plastic Surgery, KYBELLA™and CoolMini™. Both the KYBELLA™ and  CoolMini™ treatments target excess fat beneath the chin to enhance the profile and recontour the neckline without surgery or downtime. With these two new treatment options, elimination of a double chin has never been easier.


Recently approved by the FDA for reducing fat under the chin, KYBELLA™ is a non-surgical treatment designed specifically to destroy excess fat cells that have accumulated in this area. With KYBELLA™, fat cells are broken down and eliminated from the body through natural processes, reducing the appearance of a double chin. Once destroyed by the active ingredient in KYBELLA™(a naturally occurring acid found in the body), fat cells will not re-form, which can lead to long-term results. Each KYBELLA™ treatment session involves a series of small injections which are strategically placed to address the patient’s unique aesthetic needs. More than one session of KYBELLA™ is typically recommended as clinical studies show significant enhancement in results after two sessions or more. Unfortunately, KYBELLA™ does not treat the presence of excess skin and muscular laxity in the neck, both of which can only be addressed with surgical neck lift techniques. Our plastic surgeon will meet with you for an initial consultation to determine your candidacy for KYBELLA™.

Patients who have undergone KYBELLA™ treatments at our practice have seen great results and are pleased they did not need surgery to achieve a more contoured neckline. For more information about KYBELLA™ and to find out if you may be a good candidate for the procedure, please contact Pinsky Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.


CoolMini™is the only FDA-approved treatment for the reduction of a double chin without surgery or injections. CoolMini™ applies CoolSculpting® technology with a small treatment applicator to freeze away pockets of excess fat beneath the chin. The CoolMini™ procedure averages a 20% reduction in fat by targeting excess fat cells through the skin, ultimately causing them to break down. During the CoolMini™ treatment, the applicator delivers suction to the targeted area, gently pulling skin and superficial fat into close contact with cooling elements. The area is quickly cooled to a specific temperature that damages only fat cells. The affected cells are later naturally disposed of by the body. It takes about two months to see the full results of the CoolMini™ procedure and more than one treatment may be recommended to address particularly stubborn areas of fat. Like KYBELLA™, CoolMini™ only treats pockets of fat under the chin and will not improve the appearance of excess skin or lax musculature.

Many CoolMini™ patients at our practice are pleased that we offer this non-surgical remedy for double chin reduction and are very satisfied with the results.  For more information about CoolMini™ and to find out if CoolMini™ might be the right neck contouring option for you, contact Pinsky Plastic Surgery for a consultation.