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Combat the First Signs of Aging with Proper Skincare

Join us on April 12th to learn about our latest skin care products. The skin is the largest organ of your body. It is often the first thing people notice about one another. By starting a good skin care regimen early in life, we can ensure that our skin is not only our first line of defense against the outside elements, but that we maintain a healthy, youthful looking appearance as time catches up with us.

Throughout our lives our skin endures external factors, such as sun exposure, as well as the natural effects of aging. One’s skin can therefore quickly loose its youthful luster if not properly cared for. Finding quality skin care products can not only protect your skin from external damage, but can also slow the effects of aging, such as fine line development and loss of elasticity. There are many products available to treat your skin but beware: not all products are the same.

Many over the counter products can help to moisturize the uppermost layers of skin, but to truly protect your skin you need more – a product that delivers nourishment deep under your skin and encourages natural healing. You need a product that not only moisturizes but also protects and heals your skin. You want a skin care product that is endorsed and developed by teams of medical professionals like SkinMedica skin care products.

SkinMedica’s skin care products can address a number of issues. From deep cleansers and sun protection, to age defying and skin brightening products, SkinMedica has your skin needs. Each product offered as part of SkinMedica’s skin care line, is the result of years of research that that has been created to rejuvenate skin. By promoting the skin’s own healing abilities, with scientifically proven compounds and ingredients, SkinMedica’s products are a blend of science and beauty that can promote lifelong youthful skin.

Dr. Pinsky offers SkinMedica’s amazing line and are pleased to offer these products to their customers. They are so excited about these products; they are offering a luncheon on Friday, April 12, 2013 at noon, to introduce these products to their patients.

Maintaining great skin is one of the best ways to combat the signs of aging. Great skin starts with great skin care! Join Dr. Pinsky’s aesthetician on April 12th to learn more about how SkinMedica’s award winning skin care products can help you look your best today and well into tomorrow!