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Cosmetic Surgery Maintenance Tips

There is no fountain of youth, but advances in facial and body rejuvenation procedures can keep people looking young. Plastic surgery is more popular than ever and the industry as a whole continues to grow. The newest techniques and technology has made staying young more accessible and safer than it has ever been. Once the procedure is over and the recovery is complete how does one maintain the effects from their cosmetic procedure?

While cosmetic surgery can turn back time, the results are not permanent. The clock keeps ticking regardless. While there is a lot of emphasis put on what cosmetic surgery can do, today’s blog is how to make the most out of your procedure once it is done.

Whether you have had a facial procedure like eyelid surgery, a facelift, or brow lift or you have had a body rejuvenation procedure like a body lift or liposuction, how you treat your body once you have had your procedure will have a lot to do with how long your body will maintain the results of your procedure. Here are a few simple tips for maintaining the best possible you after your cosmetic procedure:

  • QUIT SMOKING: In addition to the links to lung health and cancer, smoking has an adverse effect on your skin. Because of links to smoking and skin health, smoking ages people much faster than Mother Nature on her own. Quitting smoking now will help maintain your facial rejuvenation results for as long as possible.
  • AVOID EXCESS ALCOHOL: Alcohol in small amounts is okay and in some cases (wine for instance) can provide a benefit to the body. In larger amounts alcohol can lead to excess calories that can threaten the results of a body sculpting procedure such as liposuction and can lead to dehydrated skin which can lead to a faster appearance of age.
  • EAT HEALTHY: This does not mean jump on the newest diet craze, rather choose healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins such as chicken, beef, and fish that will keep your body running at its best. The results will not only help you maintain your cosmetic surgery results but you’ll feel great!
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Water is essential to our bodies. Water cleanses the body and promotes great skin health. Better yet, it is calorie free! Enjoying plenty of water throughout the day will help you maintain the best possible you!

Seeking out a cosmetic procedure with a quality, board-certified plastic surgeon like ours at Pinsky Plastic Surgery is an investment in your health and beauty. You take the steps to maintain your home and your car, why not take the time to maintain your body after your cosmetic procedure?

By following these simple steps you’ll not only get the most from your cosmetic procedure but you’ll feel great in the process!