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Why Women Seek Breast Augmentation

The single, most popular cosmetic procedure remains breast augmentation. In 2011, more than 316,000 women had breast augmentation surgery and 127,000 women had breast lifts. The breast is intimately associated with a woman’s sense of self and sexuality, and may explain why breast related cosmetic surgery is as popular as it is.

There are many reasons women seek out cosmetic breast surgery. Many wish to increase the size of their breasts to feel more attractive, others are looking to maintain the youthful appearance of their breasts as they age. For those women who are looking to retain the appearance of their breasts over time or are concerned about changes associated with aging, the professionals at Pinsky Plastic Surgery have compiled a list of the most common factors that contribute to the loss of breast appearance:

  • SMOKING/ALCOHOL: If you are a smoker, the chances of your breasts aging more quickly are increased. Smoking contributes to a loss of elasticity in the skin that can result in sagging breasts. Drinking large amounts of alcohol has also been proven to accelerate the aging process.
  • OBESITY: Women with higher BMI (body mass index) and larger breasts tend to see sagging and loss of breast contours at a younger age than women with lower BMI or smaller breasts.
  • PREGNANCY: A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes as a result of pregnancy. One of the biggest changes is a woman’s breasts. For women who have had multiple pregnancies, the repeated hormone related expansion and shrinking of the breast tissue can result in sagging, deflated looking breasts.
  • TIME: Even women with none of the factors listed above have to contend with Mother Nature. As time passes skin elasticity diminishes, skin tends to wrinkle, and a woman’s breasts can descend.

While some of the factors above are preventable (if you are a smoker or drink excessive amounts of alcohol we encourage you to take the steps to stop) some factors cannot be avoided. Breast augmentation or breast lift surgery is a great option for women who are looking to maintain or enhance their breast appearance.

At Pinsky Plastic Surgery, we understand the psychological impact improving a woman’s breasts can have. Our board certified plastic surgeon is available to discuss your surgical goals and will guide you through the process every step of the way. Dr. Pinsky not only has the medical know-how to give the breasts you’ve always wanted, but he has the artistic eye to ensure the most natural looking results for your body type.

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