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Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

Don’t we all want to lose weight? People are striving more than ever to lose excess weight and improve their health. Gastric bypass surgery and lap bands have become more common for people struggling with severe obesity. Whether a person achieves a significant weight loss through diet and exercise or through a surgical procedure, they may still be left unsatisfied by their appearance.

People who have experienced a significant weight loss often find themselves with excess, loose skin as a result and may be interested in a lower body lift. While happy with their more slender figure, the extra skin they have can create a feeling of self-consciousness. Fortunately, we have a solution!

Cosmetic body sculpting can shape your body to fit your new figure. Rather than be left with loose, sagging skin, the extra skin is removed to give you the body you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

In some cases, body contouring may be combined with liposuction. Once you’ve met your weight loss goal and maintained it for some time, liposuction can treat any areas that persist.

Many times, women also opt to have a breast surgery as part of their body contouring procedure as significant weight loss can impact the size and shape of breasts.

As with any surgical procedure, there is a recovery time and scars. Body contouring procedures are designed to hide the incisions well beneath clothing. The goal is to have you feeling great again and good about your body.

Are you one of over 220,000 people who had weight loss surgery in 2011 or one of the countless numbers of others who have met their goals through diet and exercise? Body contouring may be for you! Contact Dr. Pinsky today to schedule a consultation and get you on the right track to achieving the body you’ve worked so hard for.