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Dysport Vs. Botox. The Pros and Cons of Dysport as New Botox Alternative

As an alternative to Botox® injection, prescription Dysport has gained strong following in the past couple of years. Approved by the US FDA in 2009, Dysport is proven to help soften moderate to severe frown lines.

How Dysport Works

Like Botox®, Dysport uses botulinum toxin to relax the facial muscles and soften the lines on your face. The difference between the two is that Dysport spreads into the muscle tissues faster and it only affects the targeted muscles. Studies show that with Dysport, you can easily see some improvements in your face in 1-2 days. With Botox®, you need to wait for 4-7 days after the treatment to see some results. Since Dysport spreads into the targeted muscles fast, it easily reaches the areas which Botox® cannot reach.

Dysport affects only the targeted muscles so the untreated facial muscles can still contract normally. As it is, you can still show relatively normal facial expressions even if you had Dysport injection.

Possible Side Effects of Dysport

Prescription Dysport is a potent substance and it can cause severe side effects in some people. As it is, this product should never be used on children and people who are allergic to botulinum toxic. Since Dysport is fast acting, the wrong administration of this substance can lead to the spread of botulinum toxin in the body and cause botulism, a serious condition that can be fatal when not treated immediately. To prevent any untoward incidents, you should only get Dysport treatment from highly skilled physicians.

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