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Tyra Banks: “No hesitation about Cosmetic Surgery”

For many years, people have been speculating about Tyra Bank’s looks. Some people believe that she had some help from the doctor especially around the bust line. Did Tyra have a boob job or something? During an interview with Piers Morgan at CNN, Tyra said that she did not have a boob job. She admits that her boobs look like fakes but they actually are not. She is just one of those lucky girls who are graced with natural shapely breasts. However, Tyra said that she does not rule out cosmetic surgery and when the time comes, she will have cosmetic procedures. According to her, she “has no hesitation whatsoever” when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Considering the fact that Tyra is already 37 and she is planning to have a baby, she may have to do something about her looks in the near future to erase the signs of aging on her face and body. If Tyra go under the knife to erase the effects of aging on her face and body, she would not be the first person in Hollywood to do so. Cosmetic surgery is something that most Hollywood personalities are very familiar with. In fact, a lot of famous people have openly admitted doing something about their body to look younger.