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Firmer “gummy-bear” implants cause concerns among medical professionals

A lot of people have been looking forward to the firmer “gummy-bear” implants which are about to be approved by the FDA. The implants have the consistency of gummy candies which make them less likely to leak even when perforated. However, despite the developers’ assurance that the “gummy bear” implants are safe, a number of medical professionals and observers are skeptical about it.

According to a number of doctors, the lifespan of the implants is uncertain. Since doctors are unsure as to how long the “gummy bear” implants can stay safety inside the breasts of their patients, they are not so keen on using these types of implants. Doctors also pointed out that these implants are firm so they cannot be inserted through small incisions. Note that typical saline or silicone implants are filled during the procedure so they can easily be inserted through small incisions. Although larger incisions do not necessary pose higher health risks, bigger incisions cause bigger scars that can be difficult to hide.

Aside from medical issues, the cost of the “gummy bear” implants is also under scrutiny by many. According to some cosmetic surgeons, the cost of the “gummy bear” is significantly higher compared to the traditional saline or silicon implants. Cost-wise, this type of implant may not be the best option for people who want to enhance their breasts.

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