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Facial and Cosmetic Procedures for Men

While a lot of attention in the plastic surgery industry is given to women, there are a growing number of men seeking procedures for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to boost confidence or to further their career, men (like women) are seeking cosmetic treatments more than ever before.

Plastic surgeons are beginning to see a record number of men seeking cosmetic enhancements, and some of the most common are facial rejuvenation procedures. As people live longer they are remaining more active into their senior years. For many men, they simply want their outside to reflect how they are feeling inside.

While trips to the gym can keep the body fit and trim, the skin often loses its elasticity as years pass and the signs of aging begin to shine through. Facial treatments like Botox® or Dysport are very popular treatments along with dermal fillers like Juvederm.

For some men it is about remaining competitive in the workforce. As men work later into life, maintaining a youthful appearance can provide them with a boost in the workplace. In addition to the facial treatments listed above, men may also consider surgical procedures like eye and brow lifts. Many figure that looking their best will boost confidence as well as productivity.

Also among the popular procedures for men are rhinoplasty, liposuction, neck lifts and breast reduction.

As plastic surgery becomes more commonplace, and is more accepted, men are considering procedures. Every year the number of men having plastic surgery is increasing and there is reason to believe the trend will continue.

Everyone wants to look and feel their best and men are no exception. To learn more about any of the procedures discussed in this blog or any other procedures contact Pinsky Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation. There is no time like the present!