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Options for Breast Implant Shapes

Plastic surgeons have been performing breast augmentation surgery since 1963 and the tools and techniques associated have improved significantly over the years. The most common techniques and implants used today are safer than they have ever been, and as a result, more and more women continue to seek out breast augmentation procedures every year.

Despite the improvements in the safety and approach to breast augmentation procedures, the choices in the types of breast implants offered have oftentimes been limited. Round silicone or saline implants have been the main options for a very long time. Each comes in a variety of dimensions with either low, medium or full projection – but when it comes to other options, women have always had limitations. Recent trials with the “gummy bear” implant have diversified things thanks to companies like Sientra, Natrelle (Allergan) and Mentor Corp. Women now have another option in their pursuit of the perfect breast: the anatomical breast implant.

Tear-drop shaped anatomical implant options are more in line with the natural shape of a woman’s breast. Sientra’s breast implant was the first to be named the “gummy bear” implant due to its more cohesive silicone gel. The term is now applied in the lay press to include all anatomic implants. The gel is firmer than that found in round silicone implants. The cohesive gel in the anatomic implant offered by Natrelle is the most cohesive and doesn’t collapse like other implant.

This is referred to as Form Stable™. Offered in Europe and South America for some time, the new anatomical cohesive gel implant offered by Sientra has finally been given approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States. The anatomic implants offered by Natrelle and Mentor Corporation is still awaiting FDA approval.

Why is the option of a new, shaped breast implant a game changer in the breast augmentation field? For one, the cohesive gel filling significantly reduces the potential for wrinkling that can sometime occur with other breast implants. Also, because the implants have a textured surface there is less of a chance for the implant to shift or flip.

Because anatomical implants are shaped more like a natural breast, there are significant benefits for women seeking breast reconstruction surgery after going through breast cancer treatment. These tear drop breast implants create more natural looking and feeling breasts better than ever before.

With more choices for breast surgery, it is an exciting time to consider a breast augmentation or reconstruction. In order to get the best possible results from any cosmetic surgery, it is important to consult with respected board-certified plastic surgeons. Scheduling a consultation at a location such as Pinsky Plastic Surgery will ensure that a patient gets not only the most current information, but that their procedure will be safe, productive, and provide satisfactory results. To learn more about breast augmentation procedures and the options available to you, schedule a consultation today.