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How to Give the Gift of Cosmetic Surgery

The holiday shopping frenzy has begun. No sooner than the turkey was put away, shoppers were on pace to make this a record breaking year when it comes to holiday gift buying. While many people are lining up to clear the shelves of this year’s hottest electronic bargains, or trendiest toy, there is one gift that a person can give a loved one that will last a lifetime: cosmetic surgery.

As plastic surgery progressively finds more mainstream acceptance, many more people are giving cosmetic surgery gift certificates to their loved ones.

Before a person gives the gift of cosmetic surgery as a holiday gift, there are a few things to consider. The first, and most important thing to keep in mind is, who is the gift for? Getting your wife or husband a gift certificate for Botox treatments can be an amazing gift, if you have heard him or her talk about it before. However, getting your girlfriend a gift certificate for a breast augmentation, out of the blue, might seem more like a gift for the beau. When plastic surgery is given for the right reasons, it can make an amazing gift!

The second thing to keep in mind is that the recipient of the gift must have reasonable expectations. For an uninformed person, the idea of plastic surgery can start the imagination off on a transformation that just isn’t possible. If the person that is getting the gift is new to cosmetic treatments, researching the various procedures together can not only help the patient to set their expectations appropriately, but make the process a bonding experience. Providing a gift that two people can share, makes the gift that much more special.

Sometimes, it can also be good to let Santa come early when it comes to giving cosmetic surgery as a gift. With holiday gatherings and parties being inevitable, giving the gift in advance can have your loved one looking and feeling their best, just in time. This way they can show off the new and improved features at such events, thanks to you.

If done with the right intentions, gift certificates for cosmetic treatments make a perfect gift. Make sure to do your research on the surgeons well in advance, to ensure that the quality of your gift is the best it can be. Getting a gift certificate with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Pinsky can be a gift that keeps giving, well past the holidays.