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Proper Healing Post-Plastic Surgery

The cosmetic surgery industry has seen significant growth over the last decade. The number of people who are both accepting of, and seeking out cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high. As a result, the most common procedures performed have become almost routine, and are often done on an outpatient basis. As such, more and more people are experiencing the healing process at home.

Our advice for minimizing complications, and healing:

  • TAKE YOUR TIME: In order to heal quickly and safely, it is important to properly follow the instructions for at-home care that patients receive from their plastic surgeon. While many patients want to jump right out of bed and return to normal activity at the first sign of feeling better, doing so can lead to major setbacks in the healing process, and can even cause damage to a body that’s on the mend. Doctors make recommendations based on years of training and experience. If a surgeon asks a patient to limit your activity for a week or more post surgery, one should rest, regardless of how good he or she is feeling. While it may not feel necessary, it is!
  • AVOID THE VICES: It is also important to avoid certain unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, during the healing process. Both affect the skin and how it heals. Smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can even increase your chances of visible scarring.
  • STAY HYDRATED: Remember water is your friend. Water can help flush the body of toxins that can slow the healing process. Water also helps flush impurities in the skin, allowing for smooth wound healing.
  • EAT WELL: A nutrient rich diet can promote healing in the body. Just like with smoking and drinking, avoiding “junk” food will ensure that your healing process goes smoothly.
  • OCCUPY YOUR MIND: While some downtime may be needed for many cosmetic procedures, it is important to keep yourself mentally stimulated. Doing things such as catching up on some good books or doing puzzles can stimulate your mind and lessen the chance of a patient jumping out of bed earlier than one should. Boredom is one of the biggest reasons for a patient becoming too active too soon, so keep busy mentally if you can’t stay busy physically.

Following the post-op recommendations from your doctor can significantly lessen your chances for complications after surgery. You trust your board-certified plastic surgeon with your procedure; trust them with your recovery as well. By following the tips set forth above can help ensure great healing results, as well as a being back on your feet in no time!