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Male Plastic Surgery is Done for Different Motivations

From the way we look and dress, to the way they communicate, the differences between men and women are often quite obvious. With all the differences between men and women, it is no wonder that men and women are motivated by different reasons when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

As the amount of cosmetic treatments available continues to rise, more men are also looking to plastic surgery as a means of self-improvement. There are many factors that are causing men to embrace the idea of plastic surgery. Some of the most common reasons men seek cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures are:

  • WIDER ACCEPTANCE: This reason is not specific to men; but as cosmetic procedures grow in mainstream acceptance, the idea of getting cosmetic surgery to correct a perceived flaw becomes an easier decision to make. People today are more apt to respond favorably to a person taking the time to refresh their face or sculpt their body than ever before.
  • COMPETITION IN THE WORKPLACE: Men are living longer, more active lives than ever before. This means they are staying active in their careers longer as a result. Many men perceive competition from younger men in their jobs. Taking the steps to maintain their youthful appearance can give them an edge in staying competitive in their later working years.
  • CONFIDENCE BOOST: Everyone has something about themselves that they feel they could improve upon; whether it is trimming back those love handles, giving a lift to a sagging neck, or adding character to a weak chin. Regardless of that area of concern, taking the time to make a change with plastic surgery can boost self-confidence; which improves not only how you feel about yourself, but can in turn increase confidence in social interactions as well.

While women continue to dominate the world of plastic surgery, each year sees an increase in the number of men seeking procedures. Procedures like male breast reduction are performed to maintain a younger physique while facial procedures help to slow the signs of aging. These types of procedures are most among the most popular procedures for men.

Regardless of the differences between their motivations for plastic surgery, one thing is for certain: plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are on track for another record year. If you are one of the millions of people who are considering a procedure, now is the time to consult with Dr. Pinsky and get informed about the various options available to help you reach your body aesthetic goals.