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Pictures Say it All – Cosmetic Surgery Galleries

The single most important aspect of considering a cosmetic procedure is finding the right plastic surgeon. Your cosmetic surgeon should be the complete package, with a well rounded combination of the following qualities:

  • PROVEN MEDICAL EXPERTISE: Make sure that the surgeon you are working with is Board-Certified and understands your goals for health and wellness.
  • PARTNERSHIP: Be sure that you and your plastic surgeon are exploring the options for your procedure and reasons for getting it done together!
  • RESEARCH: Explore the website for The Amercian Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for information regarding the potential doctors.
  • PATIENCE: Finding the right doctor takes time. You should never feel rushed into making a decision regarding any procedure.

Our blog has touched on these issues before, but another useful tool that is important to stress for choosing the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic procedure is examining their portfolio of work.

Plastic surgeons are more than just medical professionals; they are artists. As such, each surgeon maintains a portfolio or before/after images of their work. These are commonly found online at their website, or are also available when you come in for a consultation. Seeing is believing, and looking at a plastic surgeons portfolio can provide you with the following information:

  • ARTISTIC SKILL: A cosmetic procedure is often about reshaping a person’s body to meet their aesthetic goals. This is more than just a surgery, it is an artistic endeavor. By looking at a variety of a doctor’s work, you can better assess their ability to get the results you are looking for. A good cosmetic surgeon’s work should be practically invisible and look like a gift from Mother Nature herself.
  • POTENTIAL END RESULTS: During your consultation, there will be an in depth discussion about what you want the end results of your cosmetic procedure to look like. Let’s face it, seeing is believing. Taking the time to look at actual results from other patients who have had similar procedures to what you are looking for help reassure you of your results.
  • HEALING: As with any surgery, there will be a healing process and potential scarring. Every plastic surgeon will assure you that all of this will be minimal, but again, a picture speaks a thousand words. Seeing the results of a cosmetic procedure for yourself will better prepare you for your procedure as well as provide reassurance about your doctor’s quality of work.

The most important factor in all of this is you! Choose a plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. You are trusting your body to them and as such, whoever you choose should be willing to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and safe. Make sure to look at our gallery here to help you see why Dr. Pinsky is the right choice for you!