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Surviving is Half the Battle – Your Reconstruction Options

Surviving breast cancer can be a combination of physical and emotional stress that can try even the strongest of women. While many insurance companies offer coverage for breast cancer treatment, the financial strain is only part of the equation. Many women are unsure how to put their lives and bodies back together after facing breast cancer.

In 1998, the Women’s Health Right’s Act was enacted. Health insurance companies were required by law to offer breast reconstruction surgery coverage. Although many women in our area undergo reconstruction, this is not the case throughout the United States. Overall, only a third of women actually move forward with breast reconstruction. It is difficult to believe that some do not know that this cosmetic procedure is covered by their insurance. That is about to change!

The “Breast Cancer Patient Education Act” has now been introduced. This legislation requires that the Secretary of Health and Human services begin a public campaign to ensure breast cancer survivors understand the care that reconstruction is available to them. While there is no requirement that women have reconstruction, they should most certainly have the option and understand that they have insurance coverage for it.

This is an important step forward in the education of and advocacy for women who have survived breast cancer. Taking things a step further, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Plastic Surgery Foundation are launching the first annual Nation Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day on October 17, 2012. ASPS and the Plastic Surgery Foundation are doing their part to ensure all women are as informed as possible.

All potential plastic surgery patients should understand the options available for their care. If you are unsure about your next steps, schedule a consultation with Dr. Pinsky. You will be able to discuss your specific case as well as the various options available to you.
If you would like more information regarding the “Breast Cancer Patient Education Act” and the first annual BRA day, visit plasticsurgery.org here.

Surviving is only part of the equation. Find out what options there are for rebuilding what cancer has taken!