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Why Choose Cellfina™ Treatment for Cellulite?

Cellfina™ is a new cellulite treatment that is gaining popularity among women who are tired of trying to hide their cellulite. Until recently, there has been no effective, long-lasting treatment available for treating cellulite. Many believe cellulite to be the result of lumpy, accumulated fat; however, the dimpled appearance is actually caused by fibrous bands of connective tissue that pull on superficial layers of skin through the fat layer. This is why weight loss or fat removal techniques like liposuction do little, if anything, to get rid of cellulite.

At Pinsky Plastic Surgery we are thrilled to offer Cellfina™ as a minimally invasive cellulite solution. The benefits of Cellfina™ include:

  • No surgery and no downtime
  • FDA-approved for treatment of cellulite
  • Results that can last 4 years and possibly longer
  • 90 minute in-office treatment session
  • 96% patient satisfaction
  • 89% Worth-It rating on RealSelf

Cellfina™ is the first scientifically proven treatment to effectively resolve cellulite. Other so-called treatments may have worked temporarily because they stretched the fibrous bands, and thus reduced the appearance and “pucker”. But after a short time, the fibrous bands returned to their prior tightness, pulling the skin downward and…cellulite dimples returned.

With Cellfina™ the fibrous bands are divided, not stretched. Once divided, they remain separated and can no longer pull the skin downward into a cellulite dimple…cellulite solved!

Due to the high rate of patient satisfaction after treatment, patients often recommend the procedure to a girlfriend or family member. The procedure requires very little downtime, and patients usually continue their normal activities after 24 hours of rest. Within just a few days after Cellfina™ treatment, most patients see and feel a remarkable improvement in the treated areas. Skin looks and feels smoother and the results typically improve as the body continues the natural healing process.

If you have any questions about the Cellfina™ and the treatment please contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Pinsky.