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Give Yourself Time to Heal After Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery requires a certain period of healing and recovery to ensure that the incisions heal and allow swelling to dissipate. Breast implants placed under the breast generally heal faster than implants placed under the muscle. Breast implant surgery requires several weeks before healing is complete. Give yourself the full amount of time to heal, generally from 10 days to two weeks. Avoid rushing the process to ensure that your body has time to fully recover from the surgery.

First Days After Surgery

For the first few days after surgery, you will experience considerable swelling and pain in the breast area. You may rely heavily on the pain medication your surgeon has prescribed. Allow at least 4 to 5 days of complete rest. The risk of bleeding from the incision is greatest during this period. You may experience bruising around the breasts or fluid retention. Dr. Pinsky may recommend arm movements to prevent muscle spasms. If you have had the implants placed under the muscle, you will feel some tightness and pressure. You will need help caring for young children and should not lift anything over 6 pounds.

Days Four Through Nine

The pain will begin to diminish, and you will require less medication to be comfortable during the day. However, pain may be more intense at night. You may be allowed to shower and get the wounds wet. Some risk of infection can still be present. Dr. Pinsky may have you do exercises to keep the breast implants positioned properly. If you have a sedentary office job, you can return to work, but rest is still recommended after working hours. Avoid vigorous physical activity.

Days 10 Through 21

At this point in your healing, there is less risk of infection. Swelling subsides and the initial capsule formation begins. The patient may still experience some pain during the night. Swelling subsides more significantly. The patient may also experience some “pins and needles” sensations as the nerves begin to recover. Some breast areas may have some numbness. You can exercise but avoid strenuous workouts of the chest muscles.

Days 22 and Beyond

Dr. Pinsky will give you instructions on when you can resume complete normal exercise. Swelling will continue to reduce, and the breast implants will begin to feel more natural. The final appearance of the breasts will not be evident for several months after surgery.